Welcome! I am a licensed psychologist offering counseling and therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area with an office in San Mateo, California. I provide therapy for adult and adolescent individuals as well as couples counseling. I have a general psychotherapy practice and have successfully helped people struggling with a wide variety of difficulties.

I also specialize in the following areas: 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Psychotherapy and education around parenting issues
  • Stress management 
  • Career exploration
  • Life transitions
  • Codependence
In counseling I work with clients in finding resolutions for the challenges they are currently facing by helping to improve self-esteem, understand current problems within a larger life context, enhance personal growth and develop more fulfilling ways of living. My goal is to help clients address and overcome obstacles that may be preventing them from achieving their potential and living a rewarding and meaningful life. 

I integrate several different treatment approaches in my work and tailor my interventions to individual client needs. Each person's life develops in a particular context with multiple influences shaping one's way of being in the world. Factors such as cultural background, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, personal values, family context and relational history uniquely shape each person's sense of themself and ways of relating to others. I work with my clients to help them understand how past and current life experiences have impacted and currently affect who they are today. Through this type of dialogue we can work together to put current struggles into a larger life context, help you to gain a sense of perspective, foster a deeper sense of self-awareness, develop more helpful ways of thinking about and reacting to life's challenges, and utilize your strengths to facilitate desired changes.  Additionally, in cognitive behavioral therapy the focus is on thoughts and feelings and how they impact our behavior. 






Material provided on this website is for educational purposes only.  No therapeutic relationship is established by use of this site. 

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