Couples Therapy

My work with couples includes pre-marital, marital, and relationship counseling. Some of the areas in which I have particular knowledge and clinical training include:

  • Improving communication
  • Working on relationship transitions (living together, parenting, career changes)
  • Resolving conflict
  • Discussing difficult issues such as sex and money
  • Managing the impact of stressors on the relationship
  • Overcoming fidelity or committment issues
  • Understanding the negative cycle of repetitive arguing
  • Regaining a sense of trust and security with your partner

Couples therapy is for people who want to better understand their relationship and deepen their connection by more fully communicating with and caring for each other. The goal of couples therapy is to provide a setting in which both partners can safely explore their relationship, gain insight into their diffferences, and create desired change. I help couples safely explore difficult issues from each person's perspective and resolve issues in a manner that meets the needs of both individuals.

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